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Made Consulting srl was born in 2020 in response to the need for the supply of masks as a result of the spread of Covid19, thanks to the stubbornness of a doctor and a geologist.

Syria 20 the FFP2 NR mask, produced in the company takes the name of the third child born in June 2020, a period in which the company is also coming to life.

Engaged in the search for the best materials and the best solution, in October they obtain the certification for FFP2 NR masks according to the European standards UNI EN 149: 2001+ A1: 2009, a great achievement.

In November they decide to expand the range of products by obtaining certification also for SIRIA 20 FFP2 NR BLACK   and SIRIA 20 FFP2 NR SMALL. The quality level is high, all according to European regulation 425/2016.

SIRIA 20 FFP2 NR is recommended for anyone who wants to protect themselves adequately but who also wants to be fashionable by wearing SIRIA 20 in black, but that's not all because today even your children can protect themselves better with a certified FFP2.

In addition to quality, we have also focused on the particularity and customization of the products. They are laser marked so as not to use toxic inks, being able to customize the mask with the logo of your company for example. To maintain a high hygienic standard, the masks are individually wrapped and then boxed at 50pcs.

Why do you have to wear an FFP2 mask?

FFP2 masks are more protective than surgical and tissue masks because they have over 95% filtration. These are the same masks that health workers and law enforcement agencies use and in the most at-risk situations, as they guarantee greater protection.

An FFP2 mask is not comparable to a KN95 as most of us think, but an FFP2 passes more tests than a KN95, for example the paraffin oil penetration test that the KN95 is not subjected to.

Choose SIRIA 20 and you will be satisfied and protected.

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Una grande produzione per una grande emergenza.
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